Consider This Before Your Next Decision

Here is a little story about decisions.  This is important, by the way, because any decision unleashes powerful energy for movement and change.


Scientists have been curious about photosynthesis because each photon of light that strikes a plant must "decide" which protein pathway to take to be converted into a usable form of energy.  There are a whole lot of these pathways, so it has been a mystery how plants convert light into energy so quickly and efficiently - out of all possible choices, how does a photon find the most efficient protein pathway? 


This is where it gets strange.  Turns out that the photon travels many or all the pathways simultaneously.  When it finds the most efficient route, it collapses the 'quantum field' and retroactively chooses the best path.  Yeah, it makes a 'decision' in the past.  Retroactive perfection - that is a mind-bendingly good decision making process!  You can read all about it here


Cool, but what does it mean for you?  You are made of the same photons and other quantum particles as plants and light.  Same stuff, same rules.   


What if you've already traveled every possible path simultaneously and retroactively chose this one?


What would that mean for  how you approach your next decision?  Would you be more playful, more certain, take more perceived risks?  Would you reach for what you really want in life?


Sound like new age wishful thinking?  How many times have you made a "bad" decision that ended up bringing learning, opportunities, and gifts you would have never imagined? 



Your entrainments  free new energy and develop new pathways for empowering decisions, healing, and living the life you want, see you on your next entrainment!