How is it that the entrained nervous system starts to develop a new oscillating structure for a practice member in NSA Care seemingly on its own? How does a person experiencing SRI naturally moves from one Stage to another even if they’ve never done the exercise before? We often discuss the concept of emergence .

An area of study and research that is gaining popularity is exactly this concept... emergence. In biological systems emergent properties are intricately linked with evolution and transformation.  The text From Systems Complexity to Emergent Properties describes emergence:

Emergence and complexity refer to the appearance of higher-level properties and behaviours of a system that obviously comes from the collective dynamics of that system's components. These properties are not directly deductable from the lower-level motion of that system. Emergent properties are properties of the "whole'' that are not possessed by any of the individual parts making up that whole.”

This is of particular interest to us in Reorganizational healing and our entrainments as we are facilitating the increase in energy and complexity in our nervous system and life.  It's exciting to see a person move, breathe, emote, or experience mental and spiritual states they have not previously had access to. 

see you on the entrainment table