February 22-23 Clear Day Program

We are pleased to offer a CLEAR DAY PROGRAM on February 22-23. Please note that the Clear Day will be held at the office of Dr. Jay Lepp, (2325 St. Johns Street, Port Moody). It will be open to the first 20 people that register.

This is an experiential program to ignite your focused attention for greater awareness of your tension and ease patterns. Get clear about your resourcefulness and using your life stressors more productively.

what: The Amazing Clear Day Program

where: 2325 St. Johns Street , Port Moody

when: Friday, February 22 (7-9) and Saturday, February 23 (9-5)

cost: $ 135.00

other: wear loose fitting clothing and be prepared to have an incredible experience. To register call: 604-939-7556