How Far Will Our Children See?

I continue to be inspired by comments people share after entrainments. Geoff, a longterm practice member shared an insight and I thought I would pass it on.

He was excited that his low back had become sore.

Sounds strange doesn't it ? Getting excited about soreness.

It wasn't really the pain he was excited about it was sensing a major structural change that was taking place in his low back, after has last few entrainments. The excitement was sensing an aliveness and connection to his entire lower body and his legs. Very new, an awareness  he had never experienced before. He also saw a relationship to his father. In his later years Geoff’s father had progressive weakening, pain and deterioration of his legs. Geoff knew that his own aging path shifted with this new  awareness that did not exist until the experiences of the last few weeks.

Geoff's story is an example of a beautiful quote by Michael Mendizza.


 Children see further by living in and standing on our experience and wisdom. In this way our personal development lifts the next generation a little higher. At least that's what nature intends by design. If we don't change and grow how far will our children see? Each of us has the responsibility to grow , adapt and change in increasingly sensitive and intelligent ways every day. The future of humanity and every species on earth is counting on us.