Joyce Chen

“For you, practice member, I am here to listen and support you through your healing journey.”

Wellness care

Dr. Joyce received her Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2003 from the French college, Institut Franco-­Européen de Chiropratique. She owned her Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) practice for 3 years in Tours, France.

Her intention is to assist as many people as possible and to nurture wellness & wholeness with a passion for helping and healing.


Post Graduate studies

"Practice what you preach."  Joyce attends many professional seminars, workshops and transfomational gates to stay on the cutting edge of the transfomational work she offers in the practice.

In addition, she also attended a Healing In Paradise in Formica, Italy, an intimate healing intensive session with our NSA developer Donald Epstein. From these sessions emerge life strategies to change,  evolve and connect deeper to yourself and others. Therefore, this way she can bring the best experience to her patients.

Discover a better way to live life with more energy, less stress, anxiety, pain & symptoms and feel great through deep connection to yourself. Book your appointment today and awaken your highest potential!


                         "Nothing is just a coincidence                                            Every tree in life's garden bears significance               Just like every cell of your body "