Less Pain More Life - 4 Benefits of Using Muscles to Flex Your Emotions


Surges of heat, tingling down an arm or leg, a sudden coughing and then a very open and deeper breath, uncontrollable joyful laughter, tears that do not feel attached to anything sad or happy.

Sound familiar?


How about back pain that persisits no matter what you try ? Perhaps  your experiences are flattening, or persistent ruminating negative inner talk dominates, maybe a limited worldview or  an immune system that seems as if it is on a permanent vacation.


Both are experiences with your emotions it is just a matter of the level of your conscious awareness, ( Here is the neat thing with awareness, we can have zero awareness , consider when we are anaesthetized or we can have ever expanding awareness that has no ceiling).


Dr. Joseph LeDoux describes the difference between feelings and emotions that his research has proven.  Feelings are a conscious experience, while emotions originate from deep within the brain at an unconscious level. 

Recently on our facebook site, Clarityinhealing, we discussed  the difference between a feeling and an emotion. The comments were fascinating . The untapped potential of emotion. Some want to hold back, some want to learn to become more connected to their emotions. NSA practice members enjoy the challenge of mastering their emotional range like an athlete pushing the frontiers of muscle contraction. The comments were consistent with Dr. LeDoux, as NSA spinal wave movement advance, emotions shift and become  felt sensation that was previously outside of their sensory threshold. In other words, their nervous systems' get better and can pick up more detail.

As a gymnast develops incredible muscular flexibility and ability a similar finding unfolds within NSA. The development of refined vertebral movement known as oscillation , in the second level of care brings new physical and emotional well being , people handle life stress more efficiently and  rate their own quality of life as improving.

Interestingly, it is impossible to contract any muscle without involving your emotional system. The less you explore your emotions the more likely it is you will experience pain, diminished flexibility , accelerated aging and loss of the experience of feeling healthy.

Although research continues to support the exploration between the body and emotions , generally speaking , as a culture we are still barely tapping the potential that awaits this area.

Imagine this …the  universe of your emotional intelligence plus the other 4 intelligences.   Explore that refined stretch the next time you are having an entrainment, physical changes, increasing emotional flexibility, greater stress adaptability and a more profound range of life enjoyment await.


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  • Researchers Ekman & Friesen have identified six basic or core emotions that are evident among all cultures: happiness, sadness, surprise,disgust, anger, and fear.