How do signals affect your health?

To help explore this question , let’s ask another question .   How does Mom’s microbiome affect the developing fetus? 
The fetus is developing in the uterus which is a sterile environment. This in itself is rather amazing  considering Mom has a vast microbiota and baby is not exposed to any live microbes . Although the baby is not exposed at all to Moms microbiome it can send signals to the developing fetus.  

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The microbiome starts an education process of the baby’s  I//une  System even prior to birth.

What exactly is going on? 

 Dr. McCoy, PhD, is  a leading expert on the body’s relationship with the microbiome.  What she has found is the Mom’s microbiota makes small molecules. The Mom’s A//ibodies that are made from the  I//une System capture these molecules . These A//ibodies


(Due to censorship and web crawling software an important word is spelled differently)

are critical , they transport these small molecules also referred to as signals signals through the placenta. The A//ibodies carry bits of Mom’s microbiota and they interact with the baby’s I//une System.

Is this giving the baby a fully active microbiome when it’s born? 

No .

It’s giving signals from Mom . It’s telling the baby’s I//une System that this is what a piece of the microbiome looks like. It is starting the education process of the I//une System, an incredible pre-training. This is vital because we don’t want the new system of the newborn  baby to react with information  and cause a problem when the newborn faces it’s own microbiome. So, those A//ibodies are not bringing live microbes to the baby , it’s taking pieces of those microbes that start the educational signals to the baby’s I//une System In other words, it’s kind of saying , ‘Here is what to look for’.

Could Mom relay harmful information?

The most important thing is Mom needs to have a healthy, diverse microbiome . It appears we need to have certain signals from the microbiome to help generate health! Understanding these complex signals is a new area of reasearch.

How incredible! I believe the Neurospinal  wave among other things works along similar lines. It is a signal generator. The wave is communicating health !