Upgrade Your Connection To Movement

One of the things I love about getting entrained and what 'upgrade' means on one level is to experience the exquisite accuracy and finiteness of spinal movement. When we can execute these elegantand  precise movements, I appreciate the magnificence of brain to body communication to create such a complex action. It is, to me, similar to the of the art of an athletic feat such as an amazing catch in football, a spectacular end to end rush in hockey, or a  beautiful dismount in gymnastics.
We have three children and our youngest has always found joy through movement. He  has been entrained since birth and it has enhanced his love of movement. He loves the NSA wave, he loves sports, especially hockey and he loves  ‘connectedness’ he gets from motion.

We often talk about potential as NSA docs and perhaps potential can also be in discovering the very nature and celebration of our bodies through motion and 'feeling' movement with the help of entrainments. The feeling of a refined wave moving through the spine progressively more exquisite and , in turn, helping us become healthier as it happens what an amazing gift.

Dan Wolpert - University of Cambridge ( Computational and Biological Learning Lab and way smarter than me ) says our movements, especially in sports, are very complex and the brain to body communication pathways are still being discovered. I believe we are helping lead that discovery with Network Spinal Analysis.