From computer pain to emotional pain to... dreams!

Dr. Joyce changed my life. Like many, I used to think that chiropractors cracked bones. But when I was suffering from Carpel Tunnel wrist pain from too much computer work, she introduced me to Network Spinal Analysis, a gentle method of healing.

She told me it's not a quick fix. So I made a commitment to a pain-free life and diligently went to my chiro appointments every week. A few months later, my physical pain disappeared. A few months later, it never, ever came back!!! No medication, no surgery!

When the physical pain disappeared, little did I expect emotional pain to surface. Guilt, resentment, skewed percetion of life, you name it! Dr. Joyce added bold insights to my life and I was able to surmount huge mountains one by one.

Here's the cherry on top: NSA is also a method of transformation and growth! Who knew? Dr. Joyce, with her amazingly warm touch, is now helping me develop mind/body strategies to crush the barriers that are stopping me from fulfilling my dreams.

-- Ellany Lea, Success Coach