300 Visionary Spines Plaque

We Live our Life through our Nervous System

… and life is better when the nervous system is clear of interference.

Regular chiropractic care, by way of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) entrainments, have become part of our lifestyle and our families.

It is our vision and practice legacy to reach for

300 Visionary Spines

A Celebration of Practice Members

The 300 Visionary Spines Plaques hung on our office walls are a celebration of Practice Members choosing this standard of wellness integration.

Ripple effect

Our present Visionary Spines members are a powerful group of people committed to their own health and development. Moreover, they inspire and compel ongoing growth and development as instrumental in the big picture.

We know this will have a ripple effect within the circles of people they touch in their lives.

Benefits of Visionary Spines Membership

Our practice members and we, ourselves, are part of a worldwide quest for one million people with Network Spinal Analysis strategies of Awaken Care, the highest level of NSA care.

You too can be part of this model of wellness, healing and personal growth. Belonging to the Visionary Spines group has its benefits:

  1. We will be offering special advanced classes for Visionary Spine members and their guests only.
  2. Advanced notices on Clear days and other programs.
  3. With your permission and if you are in regular care as an active member we will include your name on the commemorative plaque in the reception area.

To attain a Visionary Spine requires one year of spinal strategy, (Levels of Care) development, followed by regular entrainments.

What you can do:

With love and clarity,

Dr. Jay Lepp & Dr. Joyce Chen