At The Crossroads?

Have it so your life works now, or is that too much to ask?

Surely we are here to have all areas of our life be a success! Do you have a picture of that in your mind right now as you are reading this?

How far away is that from where things are right now?

Does this picture include all areas actually working? Areas like health, relationships, family, finances, work and joy de vivre?

We all know that the outer is a reflection of our inner world. So how would you best maximize your potential right now?

What resources do your have to move beyond yourself and beyond all the places where you have gotten stopped? What is the key thing that is going to help make all the difference in the world?

The spring is certainly a time to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally so you are not surprised or shocked when a whole pile of issues start coming up.

If we keep doing the same thing...

It’s hard not to fall into blaming those around us for our present situation and the problems that we’re seemingly always having to deal with. How can we approach our life that's different and that will definitely work? If we keep doing the same thing over and over, we’ll certainly end up with the same result. What's going to make all the difference in how much success and happiness
you end up creating and experiencing?

Something major is definitely up

Be aware if you are becoming negative, anxious and/or compulsive. These are signs of fear, guilt, depression and certainly a lack of hope.

If your health is starting to head into a tail spin and you find yourself doing a lot of working, shopping, eating, gambling, playing video games, spending hours on Facebook or Twitter, just
know that something major is definitely up.

It’s important to reconnect with yourself, with others and with Heaven! Every positive choice you make now, can have a major impact and be really life generating. Expand your mind by trusting
at every moment, in order to steer yourself in a positive direction.

In the time that we find ourselves blaming others, we end up giving away our power and our also our ability to make our life better. We all have big challenges to face. It seems that one of the biggest obstacles in daily life ends up being able to be ourself.

We could respond with love or fear.

It takes a lot of inner resources to choose the path of healing. So, a good guide to follow is that, whenever you feel less than whole, to be able to find the inner resources to respond with acceptance, forgiveness, letting go, integration, commitment, helping others and calling on spiritual guidance for everything.

If you remember love, then you can remember your lovableness.

Let us embrace our purpose and destiny together and make life all that it’s meant to be!

May love and miracles bless you.

Dr. Jane Irvin