The Dark Layer

The Dark Layer

Are you noticing how administering to your children, work, household , pets and leisure activities require a large quota of attention and energy. Actually, for most, when we say we are 'so busy', we are like an over- inflated tire and it is doing the talking. This internal baseline is most likely there all the time. You have become conditioned to its presence.When a practice member can release the grip of this 'below the radar' stress layer I often hear comments like:

" I still have the same amount of things to do , I just don't feel so busy"

" I seem to be getting more done but I don't feel so rushed."

" I am noticing I don't say - I am so busy, as much as I used to."

I refer to this stress layer as the 'dark layer' as it ends up outside of your awareness or radar. I hear how busy everyone is and I see the effects of uncertainty and obligation everyday and at this point it is common knowledge that stress is involved with 95% or more of all illness.

Here is the good news:

You can upgrade your nervous system and it's reorganizational living strategies. Read on and find out about a major benefit of when your spine is entrained and a wave develops.

The #1 risk factor in determining whether or not you will get a site specific cancer is by the amount of sex hormones you have in your blood. Your body decreases serotonin which down regulates learning and up regulates anxiety and fear centers in your brain so you can react to the stressor more effectively; however, this leads to increased anxiety, fear, depression, and learning and attention deficits. This response is called adaptive physiology. These are all great things when you are being chased by a bear but not when they are happening all day, every day and you're trying to live an abundant health filled life.
The refined movements of the spine and its individual parts help you release patterned maladaptive stress layers... The 'dark' layers that need to be en-lightened.

Refined movement of the spine creates stimulation of proprioceptors in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and discs. Proprioception and mechanoreception are essential nutrients for balance and health of the brain and the entire mind and body. When spinal segments do not move properly , proprioception is diminished which is recognized by the body as a stressor eliciting the stress response, putting the body into adaptive physiology.

Every time. And if it is not removed it stays there chronically. 

If you look at over 95% of chronic illness, they are all the result of chronic adaptive physiology due to a stressor: Cancer, Diabetes, Chronic Pain, Obesity, Heart Disease, Fatigue, Depression, Infertility, Decreased Libido, Insomnia, Acid Reflux, Constipation, Auto-Immune Issues, Alzheimer's, Dementia, etc.

Your spine and nervous system can learn to reorganize the 'dark layer'. Imagine taking the old ways in which you always react to particular events and circumstances with the same old stress response and turning it into new healthy energy rich pathways that nurture well-being.

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