Enough of this

This for me is an amazing moment, when someone experiences the connection to the empowering energy of “Enough of this!”… when you recognize a behavior and you see it as a repeating pattern, as you awaken to it, you realize that it ends now.

Here is a boost of inspiration if you are at that turning point. It is a place we will all encounter, may you discover something new about yourself at this junction.

It is easy to get caught up in disappointment and live life by its rules.

Say no more!


Get pissed off!

Decide that you’ve screwed up somehow, that you’ve miscalculated, that you’ve missed the
mark for whatever reason. So what?

Be ok with it.

Be fine.

Check in with yourself, get entrained, connect with a rhythm from the 12 Stages of healing. It may be useful to do a sequence of stages 4, 5 and 6. If you are at this point and are unfamiliar with these exercises, let me know, if you are ready I will be honored to guide you.

Experiencia docet – experience is a great teacher.

Try to learn why it did not work out – learn from it, and move on.

Always remember that tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow you’ll get another chance to have a brand new start. A new beginning. A fresh new day. And you’ll be given a choice; You can screw it up again, or you can decide not to. The choice is totally in your hands. You can live your day with more disappointment or you can live your day with joy at being given another opportunity.

Thank you for the gift of being able to serve. You inspire me.