Life Insurance Premium goes down with NSA care

I recently had to have a complete physical exam. I haven’t had one for a while, the last one was 10 years ago when the bank requested mandatory life insurance for our mortgage, also the location of my office where we have been serving Network Spinal Analysis.

‘Ohh my gosh’, the insurance broker said, ‘that is not going to go over well, you have not been to your family doctor in 10 years, I’m afraid your premium on your insurance renewal is going to go way up’. I explained to her that I wasn’t being irresponsible, I have been fully immersed in the same wellness based philosophy I encourage for the those seeking the work I do. Over the past 13 years I have had very consistent Network care.

So, I had the physical exam and the results will essentially determine my risk to the insurance company as I enter a greater risk category due to my age. Bad health indicators equals higher life insurance premiums. Here is a little background, my other lifestyle variables over the last 15 years such as exercise and diet have remained the same. The only difference in the past 10 years is the consistent Network care.

I get the results back, every indicator had improved ! Blood pressure, resting heart rate, cholesterol, triglycerides and all other indicators checked from blood and urine samples. The insurance broker phoned me and said I will even save a few dollars every month as my premium dropped, a rare situation, indeed, for that to occur.

This is not intended to be a brag session, more to inspire how regular entrainments have far-reaching benefits to wellness. Health is a birthright and there are specific strategies, including weekly entrainments, a healthy diet, exercise and a balanced lifestyle that optimize the continuation of health. Research in chiropractic wellness agrees and I encourage you to take part in a wellness program and be the best you can be.