Merry Christmas


I want to thank Dr. Joe Dispenza for this wonderful idea .

here goes...


 Thank yourself for all the courageous decisions you made. Thank yourself for the people who graced your life, the adventures your curiosity took you upon, your healthy body that carried you on these adventures, all the times you overcame yourself, the hard-learned lessons that became your life’s greatest blessings, the love you received and gave, and the beautiful and unexpected way your soul’s journey and purpose unfolded.
Write your messages to yourself down in a letter to yourself and when you do this  embrace the powerful, elevated emotions you will feel when your creations come to fruition. Combine these elevated emotions with each sharp and distinct memory of your future—which from the exercise’s perspective—is you thinking about your past.
The reason why this is important is because from a neurological standpoint, your brain doesn’t recognize the difference between a memory of your past and a memory of your future. But because emotions create long-term memories, the more you move out of your resting state (or the emotions that anchor you to the past) and into the elevated feelings and emotions of your future, the more you’ll not only be biologically changed by the memory of your future, but drawn to it.
When these emotions are connected to the thoughts and visions of your future, you’re laying down a new set of neurological tracks that are imprinting your future into your brain. By passionately feeling the emotions of each experience, you will not only be giving your body a taste of the future, but also priming your brain into making a long-term memory.