A Mom Just Knows

I saw a sweet little boy for his first entrainment, he loves hockey, plays a little soccer and loves to be with his friends. He also has challenges with anxiety. He has difficulty sleeping, he feels pressure in his ‘tummy’, and when that is happening he does not like to eat. He had no spinal symptoms.

His Mom brought him in on the suggestion of a friend, she liked the idea of how NSA could help her son’s nervous system develop new strategies.

After his first entrainment he smiled and asked his Mom when can he come back. He said at first he felt cold and then his whole body went warm. He felt a little sleepy right after the entrainment and lighter on the inside.

At first Mom was a little apprehensive, she did not see how this stuff was going to work. Her apprehension lifted very quickly when her son got up from the table and he had a quirky little grin, his eyes were wide open. She knew right away, it was like a light switch turned on inside and he was a brighter little boy from the inside out .

She immediately understood that we live our life through our nervous system. When it is working without interference we express greater life.

..oh and by the way , Mom let me know the following day that he had a good night sleep and the light feeling was still there the next day even in his ‘tummy’ where he feels the pressure.