Reorganizational Healing

Reorganizational Healing

Network Spinal Analysis is an aspect of Reorganizational Healing (ROH), this emerging concept for wellness, healing and personal growth gives people the tools to create a map “to self-assess” and draw on strengths to create sustainable change.

Integrate to Future Systems of Healthcare

Dr. Kim A. Jobst , Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine comments , “There can be no doubt that we are witnessing the birth of a powerful method of healing grounded in rigorous scientific fact, that will become integral to future systems of healthcare”.

One Million in Awaken

As we have all noticed during our entrainments, exceptional new awareness develops that allows us to become more than what we thought. This new depth we experience compels us at one point or another to want others to experience what we have felt.

In alignment with this feeling, we as practitioners have been motivated by a vision of having one million people developing all levels of care and embody Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate.

We know people have incredible changes with NSA care, imagine one million people with these resourceful tools.

Addresses Health Care Crisis Worldwide

Professor Robert H. Blanks PhD, Affiliated Faculty at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine asserts that ROH presents a viable big-picture option for improving the health of individuals and addressing the current health care crisis worldwide.

I believe we all sense this at some level as we develop more insights from this work.