First Appointment

If you are coming in for your first appointment please print and fill out the form below before you come in so we can see you right at your scheduled time. 

For New Patients: New Patient Form.pdf

For children: Child Pediatric Input Form {pdf}


Benefits of Network Care

Learn about several areas of benefits realised by patients undergoing Network Spinal Analysis care from a recent scientific study performed at the University of California, Irvine.

Benefits of Network Care {pdf}


Symptoms & Crisis: A call towards human evolution by Dr. Donald Epstein

The purpose of a symptom is to inspire a change in behavior. The more intense the symptom, the more immediate and radical the internal transformation required.

No Cure for Healing {pdf}


Chiropractic and your Child's Immune System

Every parent wants a healthy child. Good health depends on a strong and proper functioning immune system, which is key to a healthy, happy child who will resist infections, allergies, and chronic illnesses.

Chiropractic and Your Childs Immune System {pdf}


Asthma and Chiropractic

“One possible alternative to drug therapy for asthma is Chiropractic care. There is mounting preliminary clinical evidence that it may offer relief to asthma sufferers. It may also be possible to rectify, at least to some extent, the hyper-responsiveness  of  the  lungs  through  Chiropractic.” -- True Health Journal

Asthma and Chiropractic {pdf}


Association for Reorganizational Healing Practice

The mission of the Association for Reorganizational Healing Practice (ARHP) is to provide inspired leadership within a vital community advancing the practice of Reorganizational Healing, through exceptional standards and supportive advocacy.

Learn more about the ARHP


Spinal Gateways

Within the method Network Spinal Analysis™, Dr. Donny Epstein introduced the concept of the Spinal Gateway™ . This is viewed as an interface between the dimensions of energy, consciousness, and physical tissue. They serve as a nexus or hub for interaction between the sub systems that establish and maintain spinal and neural stability and integrity. Spinal Gateways™ are located on, or adjacent to, the spinal segments having physical vertebral-dural attachments. Application of a light force or touch to a Spinal Gateway™ assists the nervous system to shift from a dominant state of stress physiology (which is worn as defense posture) to a state of greater adaptive self-assessment and organization. 

Precise and gentle touch contacts at these Spinal Gateways™ assist the brain to connect more effectively with the spine and body. As a consequence, the individual develops new strategies for living and healing.


Video resources on Network Spinal Analysis Care, The Triad of Change, The Seasons of Wellbeing and Reorganizational Healing